Betwinner Terms and Conditions

The BetWinner Terms and Conditions refer to accepting bets, payouts, resolving disputes and other questions. These Rules govern any relationships between the bookmaker and the client. They are applied to betting on the Website and at the BetWinner betting facilities.


  1. Bet/Stake is a risk-driven agreement for potential winning between the client and the bookmaker. The fulfilment is determined by an outcome of an event that is yet to happen. Bets are accepted on the BetWinner’s conditions.
  2. The outcome is the result of the event (events).
  3. A customer/client is a person making a bet on an outcome of an event.
  4. Bet Cancellation is an outcome on which a bet isn’t settled and winnings aren’t paid. In that case, the stake shall be refunded.
  5. Regular time is match duration determined by the relevant sport rules. It includes the time added by the referee. It doesn’t include extra time, overs, penalties, etc.

General Betting Rules

BetWinner accepts bets based on its list of markets. Odds reflect the probability of outcomes.

  1. The minimal stake on any 1 selection is $0.30/€0.20. 
  2. The maximum bet is determined for each 1 selection. The limits depend on the selected event and sport. In an accumulator of several legs, the lowest maximum bet limit applies.
  3. The maximum payout is limited to 65,000 euros (or the equivalent amount in foreign currency) per 1 bet.
  4. The bookmaker has the right to limit max stakes and/or odds on selected events and/or for specific clients without notification and explaining reasons.
  5. Bets are accepted if their sum doesn’t exceed the current customer balance.
  6. Bets are accepted before the event start. Any stake (except live) placed after the event beginning is deemed void.
  7. Live bets are made while the event happens; they are deemed valid until the match ends.
  8. If a single stake is cancelled, the relevant wager is refunded to a client. Legs in accumulators and systems cancelled are excluded from the settlement.
  9. If bets are settled incorrectly, they should be recalculated. If they are placed in time between erroneous settlement and recalculation, they are determined as valid.
  10. We will cancel a stake if a client misleads the bookmaker’s staff, i.e. submits false data concerning betting, payouts, results or other details.
  11. The bet should be cancelled if a client placed it on a known result.

Restrictions on outcomes

  1. The accumulator can’t contain outcomes that have any relations between them. Related events and results are recognized in case if one stake affects another in the accumulator bet.
  2. A stake on the “Team to score a penalty Yes/No” is deemed lost if no penalty was at the regular time.
  3. Wager on “How the goal will be scored”, and the “Next goal” is considered lost if the goal amount in the stake isn’t achieved.

Live bets

  1. Live bets are accepted on main and additional markets. 
  2. You can place single, or accumulator live stakes.
  3. It’s deemed as accepted when it’s been registered on the server and after an online confirmation. After that, you can’t change it. 
  4. BetWinner isn’t responsible for any incorrectness in current scores on which live bets are made. Clients should refer to independent info sources.

Deposits and withdrawals

  1. You can use all methods found on the Payments page of the Website.
  2. We process all requests on withdrawing 24/7. The processing of some requests may take up to 7 days, depending on the selected method. We may delay withdrawals if we need to verify client identity. We may take security measures if you request at 1st time or request too large amount or you changed selected payouts methods.
  3. We would decline cash withdrawal if you made deposits via electronic methods. Also, if the amounts are inconsistent with placed bets. Also, if the account is misused. We calculate the permitted withdrawal amount on the bet amounts made from a given deposit. 
  4. We don’t advise transferring funds from 1 system to another. Also, don’t transfer funds without making bets.
  5. Clients can only withdraw if they use the exact payment details used for depositing. 
  6. We may offer a bank transfer instead of other payment methods.
  7. We don’t recommend deposit using not your e-wallet. We can return funds to the holder of an e-wallet without any notification.
  8. If you don’t comply with these Rules, we have a right to decline any withdrawal.
  9. If the user transfers funds via the Bitcoin system, we don’t impose any service charge.


You are responsible for the legality of your using our Website. You should ensure that creating an account and using our services is legal in the place where you reside. If you live in a restricted country or in a country that illegalizes our Website’s use, in that case, we may close your account and refund the balance.

We can close the account or accounts in cases:

  1. Duplicate registration or signup using invalid, fake or someone else’s documents
  2. Breaches of the BetWinner T&C
  3. Doubts about the client identity or their information
  4. Any fraud committed by you or another person in your interest
  5. When the client has the info about event results
  6. When you can influence outcomes with direct participation or affecting the participants
  7. Bets placed by a group acting as a syndicate
  8. We suspect you of using a specific software facilitating automated betting.
  9. Unfair means of any kind to get info or circumvent T&C Betwinner.

We have a right to request any documents identifying the bettor or other data.

We have the right to organize a video conference for the verification process or request sending documents by post. 

Verification may take up to 72 hours since receipting of the documents. If we prove the data is not valid, we may take any reasonable measures. It may include cancelling all bets, delaying transactions, proceeding with the complete verification.

In these cases, we may impose such actions:

  1. Block the account or accounts
  2. Deeming all bonuses, free bets and winnings void
  3. Cancel all winnings and refund the balance

In exceptional cases, we may allow the continued use of the primary account. All bets from duplicated accounts will be void.

You may ask questions about the refund policy via live support or at [email protected].

You can make a query within the first 24 hours of the alleged transaction. 

We handle each query 24-72 hours after submitting it. We make refunds by the same payment method as the alleged transaction was made.

The information

The content of that Website is under the following T&C. The client accepts these Rules while using the Website’s services.


We curate, check, correct and update all information on our Website. However, you may see errors or incomplete data. 

All company, brand and product names belong to their owners and are protected with trademarks and patents. We don’t use 3rd parties’ brands like ours. These companies provide information about themselves. Only they are responsible for that content.


BetWinner doesn’t accept any responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, that may happen because of using the Website, content reliability, downloading the data and/or software. It also includes possible virus contamination. We exclude cases of bad faith, gross negligence.

You can ask an expert or contact a local shop if you are not sure. Contents of our Website complies with the Curacao laws. However, we can’t guarantee the suitableness of the data for use elsewhere.


We may place links to other websites, and they may not reflect our opinions. We have no responsibility for 3rd parties websites. We don’t take any liability for their content, correctness, legality, any damage resulting from using their contents. We exclude cases of bad faith, gross negligence.


You may see links on our Website created on other sites. You should notify us in these cases. A link that hides the info source is undesirable and unacceptable. 


We permit copying, publishing of pages, texts, articles only if the content is fully reproduced. If a quotation has a stated source, it doesn’t subject to that rule.


We reserve the right to change these Rules at our sole discretion at any time without notifications. 


If one of the above rules is invalid, it doesn’t affect the other rules’ validity.