Betwinner Cookie Policy 

While you exploit our services, we may obtain info concerning your PC or mobile device. It is transferred in the cookies. It’s txt files where the preferences are recorded. It has no sensitive personal data. 

They are kept on your device while or after visiting our site. We have no technical opportunity to utilize them to access the device content. It’s only possible to use them for monitoring the clients’ visits and tracking their preferences. 

Why do we use them 

They help us to show relevant, personalized content to our clients. Also, these files are used to enable navigation, assess secure areas and make finance transfers. Without them, mentioned processes are hardly performed. 

Cookies keep info obtained while you register. They allow us to recognize clients and provide requested services, better get wishes, enhance the quality of the gaming experience. 

Types of cookies 

We obtain 3 kinds of them: 

  • Session-based i.e. allocated for the visit duration. They help to navigate fast and get relevant info. They expire as you shut the browser down. 
  • Persistent i.e. kept for a set period.
  • Analytical i.e. used for recognizing and counting visitors. With them, we see how gamers use the site.

All files are designed for improving the website. 

Can I decline it?

Sure, you can decline it if you want to. It’s your decision to accept or refuse files. Mainly, browsers accept it automatically. You’re allowed to change the settings and: 

  • Delete all these files 
  • Block or allow them all 
  • Block only 3rd parties files 
  • Clear all cookies automatically while closing the browser 
  • Use incognito or guest mode 

You can find complete info about cookies and their management at the Internet search, for example, at Microsoft Support Center. 

If you select to decline all cookies, you won’t be able to use several services implemented on our site. Also, some of them won’t be able to work right.